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Internal AC function

When temperatures soar in the summertime, your air conditioner can seemingly run nonstop to keep the air cool and comfortable within your home for you and your family. To ensure that your AC system in Frisco is working as smoothly and efficiently as possible, you need to set up a maintenance routine for your air conditioner. Along with monthly and seasonal chores on your part, your maintenance routine should include professional inspections and care from a trained technician who offers air conditioning services.

Most reputable air conditioning companies provide maintenance plans for their customers’ convenience, which means you can rest assured that your air conditioner works when you need it the most. Services provided by professional maintenance plans may include: thorough system inspection, refrigerant monitoring, motor and bearings lubrication, fan motor and belt care, compressor, and condenser maintenance, tightening of all electrical connections, heat pump service, deep cleaning, filter replacement, safety testing, and condensation drain and pan care.

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