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Quick and Thorough AC Repair in Frisco, TX and Beyond

Air Masters has over 30 years of experience providing superior HVAC solutions to customers facing complicated problems. Our AC repairs help Frisco, McKinney, Plano, and Denton, TX customers find relief during the blazing summer. If the AC is not working in the house, we’re your best bet for prompt and thorough service. Expected air conditioner failures happen. The key is working with a company that understands how each make and model functions and quickly identifies issues. Our highly-skilled technicians are dedicated to helping our customers beat the heat and restore their air conditioner to its previous condition. We do the job right the first time, ensuring you never have to call us back to your home for service again.

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How to Decide Whether to Repair or Replace

We are skilled in air conditioner repair. However, there are circumstances when a new installation might make more sense to homeowners. For example, air conditioners that are approaching 15 years old are likely to begin regularly breaking down. If you have an aging unit and your ac is not working, we might recommend replacement. Frequent repairs also play a role in whether repairing or replacing is the better option. Are you spending money month after month repairing your AC? It might be time for a replacement. However, we recommend repairing air conditioners under ten years old and units that have worked correctly for years.

It’s Easy to Tell When You Need Home AC Repair

While it takes an experienced AC repair specialist to fix a problem with an air conditioner, any homeowner can identify when there is a problem. We’ll then take care of the diagnosis and repairs. Understanding how your HVAC system operates is crucial to catching problems early. That is important because some common air conditioner issues can worsen over time. The best way to prevent full-scale repairs or even replacement is by being proactive. You can do so by looking for the following signs of AC failure:

Weak Airflow

Healthy air conditioners produce regular blasts of cold air through the vents. When the AC cycles on, you should feel air coming from those vents. However, if the airflow is faint or you barely register it, the air compressor may not be working. We can replace these components without having to replace the entire air conditioner. Another cause of weak airflow is debris within the air ducts in the home. Comprehensive air duct cleaning will take care of the debris.

No Airflow

If there is no airflow coming from the vents, there could be a severe problem. We won’t know for sure until one of our specialists investigates every nook and cranny of your air conditioner system. While some of the same things that cause weak airflow – such as a broken air compressor – can cause this issue, there are other, more significant culprits as well. They include frozen evaporator coils and clogged air filters.

Inaccurate Thermostat

The thermostat’s sole job is regulating indoor air temperature. If you like to set the indoor temperature to 70 degrees, that’s how cool the home should stay. When thermostats stop working, they have trouble telling the air conditioner what to do. As a result, you will experience unwanted temps in the home, as well as uneven cooling from room to room.


Air conditioners produce quite a bit of moisture. However, all of them have built-in components that get rid of the condensation. For instance, the drain tubes are responsible for carrying excess moisture from the air conditioner. Blocked and broken drain tubes will cause moisture buildup. Another common cause of leaks is refrigerant leaks. Both of these issues are potentially dangerous to your health, so you should not wait to contact Air Masters.

Unusual Noises

Air conditioners are never totally silent. When the AC unit switches to an on cycle, you will hear the exterior unit start. However, you should never hear squealing or grinding noises. Banging, grating, and clanking sounds are also unusual. Our technicians will know how to fix the problem. Some of the most common issues include slipped belts, broken motor bearings, and improperly-lubricated parts.

Strange Smells

Homeowners can pay attention to how their home smells as the air conditioner runs. Foul or burning smells indicate the unit’s wire insulation burnt out. Mold can form in the ductwork, causing unpleasant musty smells. We can take care of these issues and more, making your home more livable.

We Are NATE-Certified for Air Conditioner Repair

It is vital to work with an air conditioner repair specialist with the qualifications to match their passion. That’s what we offer at Air Masters. Our technicians are dedicated to making our customers’ lives better. They accomplish their goals by passing North American Technician Excellence (NATE) specifications for outstanding AC repair services. We are also TRANE comfort specialists, which means we understand one of the nation’s most widely-used air conditioner manufacturers like the back of our hand. When we arrive on-site, we will take extra time to perform a full inspection before beginning any work. Our professionalism and attention-to-detail make choosing Air Masters easy. Contact us today if you are having trouble with your air conditioner. Being proactive makes all the difference!

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