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Mechanic repairing AC indoor unit

Regular maintenance performed on your home helps to ensure that your property value will remain strong and that you will be met with fewer unexpected repairs. Preventive maintenance on your HVAC in Frisco should be part of your home maintenance routine. In addition to helping to guard against HVAC repairs and equipment failure, preventive HVAC maintenance will keep your heating and cooling system performing at its best.

You should have your heating and cooling system inspected at least twice annually by a qualified technician. It is best to have your technician examine and tune-up your HVAC once in the fall before you begin using heat, and once in the spring before you turn on your air conditioning. Your HVAC technician will inspect and test your system, examining about 20 key parts of your HVAC. He or she will check refrigerant levels and refill Freon if necessary. Your technician will look for signs of potential problems and discuss with you the best course of action to take. Keeping your HVAC system in great condition will give you peace of mind and keep you and your family comfortable.

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