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Air conditioning outdoor unit

HVAC repairs near Frisco are not a fun part of the summer season. However, if you pay attention to some common signs, you can keep your air conditioner in good shape for a long time.

The House Isn’t as Cool as It Should Be.

If you feel uncomfortable compared to last year’s summer, then you might have a restricted airflow in your air conditioner. The easiest and cheapest fix would be to change the air filter. You should change the filter every few months depending on how often you use the air conditioner, and how dirty the filter becomes. If you have changed the filter recently, then check the outside unit to be sure there is sufficient clearance on all sides, including the top.

The Energy Bill Is Higher Than Usual.

When your bill starts creeping up, and it is a lot higher than you would see in the summer, there are one of two possible fixes. First, check your air filter; if it seems clean and functioning, then you might need to call for a professional tune-up. A condensing coil in the outside unit may be choked with dust and dirt. The best way to get this clean is with the help of professional HVAC services.

The Unit Makes Weird Noises.

One of the biggest signs something is wrong with your air conditioner is when it starts making noises. Buzzing and rattling might mean you need a new blower motor or fan blade. First, check all of your connections for loose screws or parts. If those all seem fine, then start looking for a new motor or blade.

The Unit Refuses to Turn On.

If the unit will not turn on no matter what you do, then you may need a new system. When the unit won’t turn on, it means the compressor has probably burned out. You can spend the money to replace the equipment, but you may be better off spending a little more to get a brand-new AC unit.

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