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AC outlet pipe

It is almost summer, and it is time to get your air conditioner in Frisco ready. For the most part, getting your air conditioner ready for summer is an easy task with a few steps. Here are the parts of your air conditioner to check on before summer starts.

Check the Air Filters

Checking and changing the air filters is going to be the simplest way to get your air conditioner ready for summer. Most likely, the filters were not changed after the last time you used the air conditioner, so they are probably due for it. They have collected dust all winter, and any dirt and dust from last summer have been festering, as well. Go down to your hardware store and buy new air filters—be sure to measure the old ones or bring them with you, so you can get the correct size.

Check the Unit

You need to check the outside unit, as well. Any debris that has collected in or around the unit needs to be swept away. The unit should be hosed off, and if the fan inside looks extra dirty then consider a chemical cleaner. Be sure the cleaner is safe to use on the unit, and use every other resource first before turning to a chemical cleaner. If you notice any broken or missing parts, look for replacement parts, or contact your HVAC services company to perform a tune-up.

Check the Ductwork

First, check all of the grates where you have airflow. Make sure there is nothing hindering them, such as a rug or bookshelf. Open the grates, and check that nothing has gotten into them, such as dirt or toys. Also, check for mold growth. If you notice this or excessive moisture, call a duct cleaning company to check your ducts and unit. Second, check the ductwork in your attic or basement. Make sure the seals and connections are intact and absent of holes or rust. Also, make sure the insulation in an attic system is intact and whole.

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