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In order to keep your HVAC system running as efficiently as possible, you should have an HVAC company come to your home twice every year to perform routine maintenance on it. By maintaining your heating and cooling systems, you can help them to last longer and reduce the risk of you needing emergency repairs in the middle of a season. Here are some tips you should follow when maintaining your HVAC in Frisco.

Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Programmed and Working Properly.

Whether you are going to be heating or cooling your home in the coming months, your thermostat can help you to do it. Thermostats allow you to program your home to be certain temperatures throughout the day and turn your HVAC system on or off depending on the time and your desired temperature. You should have an HVAC company take a look at your thermostat at the start of a season to make sure it’s fully functional.

Inspect All of the Electrical Connections Located Within Your HVAC System.

If you have loose connections in your HVAC system, there might be certain components that won’t work efficiently. Additionally, those components might give out on you completely at some point during the season. Fixing these connections usually doesn’t require much work, but it could be the difference between your HVAC system working and not working at a critical moment.

Have Moving Parts in Your HVAC System Lubricated.

Like any machine, your HVAC system contains a lot of moving parts inside of it. To keep these parts moving freely without any friction, you will need to lubricate them. Lubricating them will also prevent them from wearing out more quickly than they should. Unless you have experience with HVAC systems, you should let a professional handle lubricating these parts.

Ask Your HVAC Contractor to Show You How to Replace Your Air Filter.

Throughout the year, you will need to replace your air filters to keep the air inside of your home clean. If you don’t know how to do this, ask an HVAC company to show you how to do it.

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