Which HVAC Product is Right for Your Home in Frisco, TX?

Air Masters Can Help You Determine the Right HVAC Products

Air Masters carries a wide range of heating and cooling products in Frisco, TX. We are aware that not all homes are equal. Therefore, we supply HVAC products that are well-suited for houses, condominiums, apartments, townhouses, and any other type of residence in which you may live. Our North American Technician Excellence (NATE)-certified technicians can help you determine which HVAC product is right for your home. We have more than three decades of experience in Frisco and its surrounding areas, so we know the challenges posed by the brutal summers and colder-than-expected winters. We proudly provide homeowners with HVAC products from Trane and Carrier, two of the best manufacturers in the business. Our goal is to offer superior comfort and exceptional customer service. Call us at (214) 618-8276 to learn more about the HVAC products that will work best in your Frisco, TX home.

Understanding the Different Types of HVAC Products

Air Masters’ certified HVAC specialists are your reliable source of information when deciding which HVAC product is right for your home in Frisco, TX. Our team will detail your options and make suggestions that will guarantee your home’s comfort, your unit’s efficiency, and your overall peace of mind. We will help you decide from among the following: a split or packaged system; furnace or heat pump; and a duct or ductless system.

Split vs. Packaged System

Packaged systems differ from split systems in their composition. A packaged system is a single unit that you can connect to your duct system for instant climate control. It will be installed outdoors and feed into your home. A split system has multiple components and is more difficult to install. A compressor and condenser will be placed outside of your home, while an indoor element containing the air handling unit, filter, and heater may be situated in your basement, crawl space, or attic.

Furnace vs. Heat Pump

Air Masters offers furnaces and heat pumps from Trane and Carrier, but there are distinct differences between the types of units. A furnace is separate from the air conditioning unit but uses the same ducts for air distribution. It will burn gas or oil to warm your home. A heat pump cools the air during the summer and uses a reversing valve to warm your house or apartment during the winter months.

Duct vs. Ductless System

Central HVAC units require ductwork to distribute cool or warm air throughout your residence. A ductless system uses an outdoor unit connected by a small line to an indoor component to control the climate in specific areas. The indoor blower units can be mounted on a wall to provide even air distribution throughout a room. This type of system is ideal for smaller living spaces or buildings that cannot support ductwork.

Choosing the Right HVAC Product for Your Frisco, TX Home

Significant factors to consider when choosing which HVAC product is right for your home in Frisco, TX include your residence’s size and existing setup, as well as personal comfort requirements. It is also important to consider what type of system your home already uses when weighing the benefits of each style of unit, especially when choosing between using a duct or ductless system. Installing ductwork can be an overwhelming undertaking, and some homes do not have space to accommodate it.

In general, most houses and larger townhomes need a central HVAC unit that utilizes ductwork. This type of product will allow for whole-home comfort. The most common style is a split system, in which a refrigerant circulates between an outdoor condenser and indoor coil to cool your entire house to your desired temperature. An added benefit of a split system is its partial protection from the elements during cold winters. When the temperatures begin to fall, central units can use the same heat pump system that cooled your home to provide heat by reversing flow. However, if you need more concentrated heat when the winter is at its worst, buying a new furnace may be your best option.

For smaller living spaces like condos and apartments, a large, central unit is not always necessary or practical. You can save on installation costs and energy bills by using a mini-split ductless system. These are most popular in hotels and multiple-unit buildings because of their individualized control. Ductless systems can be used to heat or cool your living space, providing all-season comfort. Because these are designed to control the climate in concentrated areas, you will also save money on energy expenses.

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Determining which HVAC product is right for your home is a critical factor in maintaining a comfortable, efficient home. The certified technicians at Air Masters have extensive experience helping homeowners make this type of decision, and we are eager to help steer you in the right direction. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy all of our customers in Frisco, TX, so we will never push a product that you do not need. But we will outline the pros and cons of each type of HVAC unit so you can make an informed decision about your home’s heating and cooling. Call us at (214) 618-8276 today to learn more.

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