How to Pick A Furnace in Frisco, TX

Air Masters Can Advise You on How to Pick A Furnace

For much of the year, homeowners in Frisco, TX do not give two thoughts to their furnaces. The area is not exactly known for harsh winters. But that does not mean cold spells are not present in the winter months. When the mercury drops in December and January, you will want peace of mind that your furnace is efficient and capable of keeping you warm and cozy. For those times, Air Masters is proud to be your trusted HVAC company. We have served Frisco and the surrounding areas for more than three decades, and our certified technicians can help you achieve efficient climate control. Call us at (214) 618-8276 for suggestions regarding how to pick a furnace.

Choose the Right Furnace Size for Your Frisco, TX Home

Selecting a furnace that is the right size for your home is among the most important factors in determining efficiency. If you buy a new furnace that is too small, you will not be able to heat your whole house. However, if your furnace is too big, you will waste fuel and money because your home will heat too quickly, causing the system to short cycle. If your current furnace is sufficient, it is best to buy a new furnace of the same size. However, if you have added space to your home since installing the current furnace, you will want to get a bigger one this time. Factors that influence what size furnace is optimal for your home include square footage, insulation, and windows. To be confident in your selection, call Air Masters to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians. We will carefully assess your home and suggest the ideal furnace size for your space.

Determining the Best Fuel Source for Your Furnace

A pivotal decision to make when buying a new furnace is what type of fuel source you want to use. Air Masters offers high-quality Trane furnaces that can run on gas, electricity, or oil, as well as Carrier furnaces that operate using gas. It is important to understand the differences or each source.

  • Natural gas furnaces – Very little fuel is wasted with natural gas furnaces, making them an environmentally-friendly choice. If your neighborhood in Frisco, TX has existing gas lines, this is an option for you. You will never have to fill the tank because the gas will be delivered directly to your home.
  • Electric furnaces – An electric furnace is exceptionally efficient because it does not lose fuel through the vent. However, electric furnaces can be expensive to power because they consume a lot of energy. Additionally, they may not heat your home as quickly as the other options.
  • Oil furnaces – Oil furnaces are durable enough to last for two decades or more. In general, they will also heat your home quicker than competing options. However, they are not as efficient or as clean-burning as gas furnaces. You must also always be mindful of fuel levels because you will be responsible for refilling the unit.

Features You Will Want When You Buy a New Furnace

There are several optional features that you should want when you buy a new furnace. You are making a significant, long-term investment in your family’s comfort and safety, so do not cut corners or ignore critical elements, such as:

  • Two-stage valves – These components will control the flow of fuel to your furnace, helping maintain your desired temperature.
  • Sealed combustion – The addition of sealed combustion will help protect your Frisco-area home from carbon monoxide. It also increases energy efficiency.
  • Warranty – You want your furnace to last for decades, so consult with the team at Air Masters about warranties when you pick a furnace.
  • High-end filter – Improve the efficiency of your furnace and the air quality in your home by fitting your unit with an electrostatic or high-efficiency particulate-arresting (HEPA) filter.

Call Air Masters to Learn How to Pick A Furnace in Frisco, TX

In addition to size, fuel type, and key features, it is important to address any heating concerns outside of times of need. If your furnace breaks down in the middle of winter, you will be forced to pick a replacement hastily. Not only will you need to be less discriminatory, but your family will also be cold throughout the process. It is counter-intuitive to think about getting warm during summer months, but that is the best time to contact Air Masters in Frisco, TX. We can help you pick the best furnace for your home and save money on installation costs during non-peak season. Call us at (214) 618-8276 today to learn more.


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