• The Homeowner’s Guide to A/C Maintenance

    To keep your home’s cooling near Frisco running smoothly, there are a few key maintenance tips you should follow. Air conditioners should be serviced at least once a year by professional HVAC services. These professionals can address areas of concern, as well as give your unit a much-needed tune-up.

    Watch the video for professional tips on maintaining your air conditioner. You should always replace your air filters every few months, or more, depending on how often you turn the unit on. Many HVAC companies offer comprehensive service and maintenance plans that provide yearly tune-ups to your heating and cooling units. They will clean your unit, check its refrigerant level, and make sure all of the components are running efficiently.

  • Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

    It is important to have your AC system in Frisco serviced by a professional on an annual basis. Without proper maintenance, your air conditioner can drop in efficiency every year. As you can see in this video, homeowners often take their AC unit for granted, and they could be losing a lot of money because of it.

    Every year you let your air conditioner go without a professional maintenance, it loses at least 5% of its efficiency. This means your energy bill increases, and your unit has to work even harder to cool your home.

    When you choose a professional to service your unit, make sure he is properly licensed and insured. Also, check on any reviews of the company, or ask your friends, to be sure they perform quality work.

  • Strategies for Choosing an Air Conditioner

    AC unit, air conditioner frisco A reliable air conditioner is crucial to living a comfortable life in Frisco. However, not just any air conditioner will do—you need to spend some time determining what your cooling needs are and which of the many available air conditioner models will best suit those needs. Check out the following suggestions for help navigating the world of air conditioners .

    Determine Air Conditioner Type

    First, you’ll need to consider what kind of air conditioner you want for your home. Are you looking for a small window unit, or do you need a slightly different portable air conditioner? You might also consider installing a whole-house air conditioner that can pump cool air into every room. When deciding which air conditioner to get, you’ll need to consider the amount of space in your home and the feasibility of accommodating a new system.

    Consider Cooling Area Size

    Different air conditioners have different cooling abilities. If you get one that’s too small, you won’t be able to cool your home effectively. If you get one that’s too large, it will send your cooling bill through the roof. When shopping for an air conditioning unit, determine the square footage of your cooling space and compare that to the BTUs of each air conditioner using this chart from Energy Star . Also, it’s important to get an air conditioner with the blue Energy Star sticker, as that means it performs within the top 25% of air conditioning units in terms of energy efficiency.

    Consult an Expert

    Though these suggestions can help you get a good start on the air conditioner selection process, it’s really important to consult a Frisco HVAC expert. An air conditioning professional can examine your space and make apt recommendations as to the type, size, and placement of your new air conditioner. This is the best way to ensure that you get an air conditioner that fits your budget, living space, and cooling requirements. Working with a professional can also enhance your safety and boost your system’s efficiency.

  • Don’t Ignore Air Conditioner Issues

    ac dallas, hvac repair, AC repair, air conditioner repair During the summer, your air conditioner is perhaps the most important appliance in your home. Even so, you might feel inclined to ignore small issues as long as they don’t affect the overall function of your air conditioner. However, strange noises, leaks, and other warning signs should not be ignored. For the sake of your own safety and comfort, it’s best to have a Frisco HVAC expert examine your air conditioner before a minor problem becomes a major one.

    As mentioned above, strange noises and leaks are two common signs of a problem. Other issues include decreased airflow, frequent on/off cycling, the appearance of ice, and strange odors. If your system stops functioning altogether, you might check to see whether the circuit has been tripped. If your air conditioner is experiencing one of the other issues mentioned above, don’t hesitate to call a Frisco air conditioner repair expert. Though the problem may seem insignificant at first, it’s only a matter of time before your air conditioner stops functioning completely.

  • The Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

    A smooth-running HVAC system is vital for a comfortable home. Though you can always call a Frisco HVAC expert to fix your system when it malfunctions, you’re better off preventing the malfunction in the first place. The best way to do this is to opt for an HVAC maintenance agreement and have an expert tune up your system regularly. This video from Angie’s List has more information about HVAC maintenance agreements.

    If you opt for an HVAC maintenance agreement, there’s a much better chance that a small problem gets caught before it becomes a big one. Regular checkups can ensure more predictable HVAC service costs, and can also help prevent the considerable expense of after-hours or emergency repairs. Furthermore, customers who opt for maintenance agreements tend to be at the top of the priority list when a malfunction does occur.

  • The Importance of Preventive HVAC Maintenance

    AC maintenance, hvac maintenance, frisco AC, frisco air conditioning Regular maintenance performed on your home helps to ensure that your property value will remain strong and that you will be met with fewer unexpected repairs. Preventive maintenance on your HVAC in Frisco should be part of your home maintenance routine. In addition to helping to guard against HVAC repairs and equipment failure, preventive HVAC maintenance will keep your heating and cooling system performing at its best.

    You should have your heating and cooling system inspected at least twice annually by a qualified technician. It is best to have your technician examine and tune up your HVAC once in the fall before you begin using heat, and once in the spring before you turn on your air conditioning. Your HVAC technician will inspect and test your system, examining about 20 key parts of your HVAC. He or she will check refrigerant levels and refill Freon if necessary. Your technician will look for signs of potential problems and discuss with you the best course of action to take. Keeping your HVAC system in great condition will give you peace of mind and keep you and your family comfortable.