• SEER Ratings and Your New HVAC

    Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, also known as a SEER rating, is a number that helps distinguish a heating and cooling appliance’s energy efficiency. Typically, the higher the number, the more efficient a heating and cooling unit is. Recently, government standards dictated that the SEER rating should be raised for HVAC systems in Frisco and the rest of the country.

    As you can see in the short video, required furnace and AC system SEER ratings have been raised. However, the number will be different depending on the area of the country you live in. Different regions have different requirements in heating, cooling, and environmental impact. If you are planning a new furnace or air conditioning installation, then ask your local HVAC installers about the required SEER number for your region. This will ensure you receive the correct units for the best price

  • Strategies for Choosing an Air Conditioner

    AC unit, air conditioner frisco A reliable air conditioner is crucial to living a comfortable life in Frisco. However, not just any air conditioner will do—you need to spend some time determining what your cooling needs are and which of the many available air conditioner models will best suit those needs. Check out the following suggestions for help navigating the world of air conditioners .

    Determine Air Conditioner Type

    First, you’ll need to consider what kind of air conditioner you want for your home. Are you looking for a small window unit, or do you need a slightly different portable air conditioner? You might also consider installing a whole-house air conditioner that can pump cool air into every room. When deciding which air conditioner to get, you’ll need to consider the amount of space in your home and the feasibility of accommodating a new system.

    Consider Cooling Area Size

    Different air conditioners have different cooling abilities. If you get one that’s too small, you won’t be able to cool your home effectively. If you get one that’s too large, it will send your cooling bill through the roof. When shopping for an air conditioning unit, determine the square footage of your cooling space and compare that to the BTUs of each air conditioner using this chart from Energy Star . Also, it’s important to get an air conditioner with the blue Energy Star sticker, as that means it performs within the top 25% of air conditioning units in terms of energy efficiency.

    Consult an Expert

    Though these suggestions can help you get a good start on the air conditioner selection process, it’s really important to consult a Frisco HVAC expert. An air conditioning professional can examine your space and make apt recommendations as to the type, size, and placement of your new air conditioner. This is the best way to ensure that you get an air conditioner that fits your budget, living space, and cooling requirements. Working with a professional can also enhance your safety and boost your system’s efficiency.