• Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Air Conditioner Repair

    Air conditioning repair is a necessary part of air conditioner maintenance at times. For your air conditioner in Frisco to work properly, you must be mindful of having it maintained by a professional in HVAC services. This HVAC professional can locate and correct potential problems areas before they become costly repairs.

    If you allow an air conditioning repair to be put off, you may end up paying much more in damages and service fees. Often, if one area of an air conditioner is in need of maintenance, it will soon begin to affect the rest of the unit. If you do not have a professional HVAC company out to inspect and correct the problem, you could be looking at costlier repairs or even the need to purchase a brand new unit. You can also prevent repairs or replace worn out parts by purchasing a regular maintenance plan to provide your unit with a detailed inspection and cleaning throughout the year.

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  • How a New HVAC System Can Improve the Comfort of Your Home

    If you have been considering updating your HVAC system, then you should do so as soon as possible to begin enjoying the benefits right away. With a new HVAC installation near Frisco , you and your family can experience greater comfort and lower energy costs. Many new HVAC systems come with smart thermostats, which anticipate the temperature that will make you feel most comfortable, and a new HVAC system will run quieter, making your home more comfortable for all your senses. smart - thermostat

    Smart thermostats anticipate your needs.

    When you install a new HVAC system in your home, you will probably install a smart thermostat as well. These improved thermostats will help immensely to create a more comfortable living space for you and your family. Smart thermostats do much more than a standard programmable thermostat; they can anticipate the family’s habits and adjust the temperature based on those habits and needs. This technology can also create a more comfortable home by lowering or raising the inside temperature based on the outside temperature.

    New HVAC systems are quieter.

    A new HVAC system can do much more than provide cleaner and more comfortable air. New systems have been designed in such a way that they will run with little to no noise. These systems still work exceptionally well, but they will not have as much noise pollution as older units. You and your family will be able to feel the great effects of your heater or air conditioner, but you will not have to hear them as they turn on or off.

    New heaters and coolers work more efficiently.

    After installing a new HVAC system, you will notice your home feels more comfortable because the system does not need to work as hard to heat or cool your home. New units typically require less power to run better than older units. This means that you will be spending less in energy costs and leaving a more positive influence on the environment. Continue regular HVAC services, such as maintenance and repairs as needed, to maintain the efficiency of your new system.

  • Increasing Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

    On hot spring and summer days, an air conditioner is truly a thing of beauty; however, the average warm weather utility bill definitely isn’t. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to keep your home cool and your cooling bills low. Here are just a few ways you can maximize your air conditioner’s efficiency .

    Install Ceiling Fans

    A good air conditioner should cool your home effectively on its own. To boost your system’s efficiency further, it’s a good idea to install one or more ceiling fans around your home—that way, the cool air produced by your air conditioner moves around more. Ceiling fans can also help distribute warm air during the winter.

    Clean Outdoor Components

    If applicable, you should occasionally inspect the outdoor condenser unit of your air conditioning system. If it’s clogged with debris, it can affect the function of your whole system. This is especially important during the spring, when there’s all sorts of plant debris flying around.

    Boost Attic Insulation

    The hot summer sun can boost the temperature in your attic to 150 degrees or hotter. If you don’t have enough insulation between your attic and living spaces, the heat will seep in from the hot attic, offsetting the cooling power of your air conditioner. Adding insulation to your attic and making sure there’s a good ventilation system in place can reduce the amount of hot air infiltrating your home.

    Change the Filter

    If it’s been a while since you’ve changed your air conditioner’s filter, you’ll definitely want to do that before the cooling season reaches full force. A dirty filter is one of the most common causes of air conditioner malfunction and inefficiency. Depending on what kind of system and filter you have, you’ll need to swap the filter out once every 1-3 months during the peak cooling season.

    Schedule Regular Checkups

    While there’s plenty of ways the average homeowner can boost his or her air conditioner’s efficiency, sometimes a professional’s touch is required. For instance, an annual checkup can ensure that your system is running as smoothly as possible . It’s also important for identifying small problems before they become big ones.