• How to Save Money on Air Conditioning

    There are some easy ways to help you save money on your air conditioning near Frisco. Some might require a little more work, such as buying a new air conditioner , but others are as simple as flipping a switch.

    As you can see in the short video, there are four easy tips on saving air conditioning costs. Be sure that you keep all lights or heat sources away from your thermostat. Keep your air conditioner set at 78° or higher—every degree lower can cost you up to 8% in cooling costs. Always change your air filters. Depending on how often you run your air conditioner, you may want to change the filters every month, especially during the summer months. If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, you should consider replacing it. New technology offers greater efficiency and savings.

  • What to Consider When You Need a New Air Conditioner

    AC frisco, hvac frisco If you have recently started shopping for air conditioning units in Frisco, you probably have a lot of questions about what to consider when deciding on a unit. Your air conditioning service company can be a great resource for helping you through the process of purchasing and installing a new air conditioner. Keep reading for some tips on what to look for in a new unit.

    Energy Efficiency

    Look for an air conditioner that is energy efficient. An energy-efficient unit will save you money on your monthly electric bill, as well as benefit the environment. Energy efficiency for air conditioners is measured by SEER ratings. SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency rating and measures the capacity for cooling based on power input. Look for air conditioning units with a rating higher than 14. As you are determining your budget for a new air conditioner unit, consider that an energy efficient unit with a higher initial price may save you money in the long run by lowering your utility bills.


    Air conditioning installation should always be done by qualified professionals. Look for a company that has been in business for a long time and has positive feedback from its customers. Once you have found a trusted air conditioner installation company, make an appointment for a technician to visit your home and consult with you on how to proceed. An air conditioning technician will survey your home and recommend an appropriate unit to suit your needs.

    Unit Size

    The size of the air conditioner unit that your home will require is based on your home’s square footage. If you have especially high ceilings, your air conditioner technician will take this into account when determining the necessary unit size to effectively cool your home. Other factors such as how well your home is insulated and the amount of sun your home receives may also be considered in choosing the correct unit size for your home. It is important to select a unit that is powerful enough to perform effectively in your home, yet not too large that it wastes energy.

  • Potential Air Conditioner Problems

    AC frisco, air conditioner frisco Problems with your AC unit can really ruin your day. If your air conditioning system has failed, don’t panic. Instead, call your air conditioning service company in Frisco to solve the problem. Read on for a few of the most common air conditioner problems that homeowners experience.

    Refrigerant Leak

    A refrigerant leak is one of the most common air conditioning problems. Refrigerant is a key component in your air conditioning unit. Refrigerant cools your unit’s coils and then the coils cool the air that is blasted into your home. If your air conditioning unit is low on refrigerant, you will most likely feel warm or room temperature air coming from your ducts. Your air conditioning technician can inspect your unit for leaks and to be sure that it is charged with the proper amount of refrigerant.

    Lack of Maintenance

    It is important to have your air conditioning unit serviced periodically. Regular tune-ups of your AC system will keep it running in top form and help to spot minor problems before they have the chance to worsen. A technician will examine your air conditioning system and perform a 20-point inspection of parts, including the compressor, the condenser coil, the outdoor cabinet, the electrical components, and more. Occasional tune-ups on your AC system are an important part of home maintenance that will save you money on repairs down the road.

    Compressor Malfunction

    The compressor is one of the most important parts of your air conditioner. It is responsible for turning evaporated refrigerant gas back into liquid form. The cooling reaction that creates cold air inside your home depends on this key step in your air conditioner’s operation. One of the top signs that your compressor may be failing is if you observe a rattling, clunking, or hissing sound coming from your air conditioning unit. Other clues that your compressor is not working properly are if your air conditioner struggles to start when you turn it on, or blows warm air.

  • How Air Conditioning Works

    During the summer, your AC System is what keeps you cool and comfortable. Have you ever wondered how and air conditioner works, though? It is actually a fairly simple process that takes place inside your air conditioning unit over and over to produce cool air that is blown into your home. Watch this video to learn about what goes on inside of your air conditioner.

    Your air conditioner contains a network of metal coils full of a liquid that evaporates and cools the coils. Air is then blown across the coils. When the air passes the coils, it cools and then is pumped into your home through ducts. After the liquid has evaporated, it turns to gas. Gas is then put through a compressor, which turns it back into liquid and the process is repeated. If you have any problems with your air conditioner this summer, contact an air conditioning repair company in Frisco to keep your family cool and comfortable.

  • Spotlight on Indoor Air Quality

    indoor air quality, air conditioning frisco, frisco air masters Did you know that indoor air quality is, in many cases, poorer than the air quality outdoors? Ask any HVAC professionals in your area and they will how important it is to replace the filters on your furnace and air conditioning in Frisco to help improve indoor air quality. To learn more about how you can enjoy high-quality indoor air, read this article.

    In addition to replacing the filters on your HVAC system, one of the best ways to improve the air quality in your home is by investing in a Trane filtration system. Trane filters are ideal for those affected by asthma or allergy symptoms because they remove 99.98 percent of airborne allergens from the air during the heating and cooling process. The Trane CleanEffects™ system can even remove more than 99 percent of the flu virus from the filtered air in your home. Call Air Masters or visit our website to learn more about our Trane filtration systems.