• The Benefits of Upgrading to a New Air Conditioner

    There are many reasons to upgrade your air conditioning near Frisco , such as lower energy bills and better cooling capacity. A new air conditioner is likelier to need fewer repairs in the first few years, and it will keep the entire house much more comfortable year-round.

    Greater Air Flow and Temperature

    After a new air conditioning installation, you will be surprised to find just how cool your home can be. Over the years, homeowners learn to live with the air flow and temperature that comes out of their existing unit. They do not notice minute changes as the system gets older and slowly loses its efficiency. With a new air conditioner, homeowners can experience a cool house once again. A new unit will run better and more quietly than a unit that is even five years old.

    Lower Energy Bills

    Many homeowners will update their air conditioners, because it can equal lower energy bills. New AC units have the latest in cooling technology, and they receive higher energy ratings from the United States Department of Energy. These higher energy ratings equal better output of cool air and less work for the unit. The less your air conditioner unit has to work, then the lower your energy bills will be. Units with higher efficiency—meaning they can better cool a house with less energy—are better for the environment and the homeowner’s wallet.

    Properly-Sized Unit

    As your air conditioner ages, and your house grows, the ability of the unit to cool the entire space will drastically decrease. If you build add-ons or insulate areas of your home for living spaces, you need to upgrade your air conditioner to the correct size that can accommodate that extra living space. Air conditioners come in various sizes that reflect the amount of space they can cool. Determine the amount of livable space you wish to cool, and ask your AC installer for properly-sized recommendations.

  • Signs that You Need Air Conditioner Maintenance

    air temperature frisco, air condition frisco, AC company frisco, AC repair frisco Your air conditioner should be receiving routine maintenance and cleaning at least once a year. This keeps the unit in good shape to perform for you year-round. If you have not had a professional out to maintain your air conditioner near Frisco, then you may notice some of these signs :

    Odd Noises

    There are various noises you do not want to hear coming from your air conditioner unit. Squealing, screeching, rattling, and banging are all signs that you may need AC repairs and maintenance. Some of these noises, such as the squealing, may be a sign of a bad belt or unlubricated part in the system. Other noises may indicate there is a problem with the motor, and a qualified HVAC technician should inspect the unit.

    Decreased Air Flow

    If you are experiencing decreased air flow, then you probably need routine maintenance, such as changing the air filters. However, there might be a problem with the blower fan or ice forming on the cooling coil. Change your air filters once a month or every few months depending on how often the air conditioner is used. If the air flow continues to decrease, call for professional maintenance.

    Warmer Air Temperature

    When you are experiencing warmer air coming through your vents, then you may have a problem with your outside unit. There might be a clog in or around the unit; this can be solved with a professional cleaning. Other reasons for warm air are: Broken ducts, insufficient power to the unit, or low refrigerant.

    Developing Ice on the Unit

    Water coming from outside the unit is normal condensation. If you notice water inside the unit, probably on the drip pan, then you may have ice forming inside the unit. This may mean your unit has a refrigerant leak. Any type of leak in your AC unit should be repaired immediately to prevent further damages to the entire system.

  • Tips for Keeping Your AC Efficient

    During the summer months, many homeowners notice their energy bills increasing as their air conditioning use increases. This can be a normal fluctuation, but homeowners should be concerned with keeping their bills as low as possible and ensuring the efficiency of their AC system in Frisco.

    As you can see in the video, keeping your air conditioner running efficiently does not require much. Have your AC unit maintained and cleaned at least once a year. Without regular maintenance, a unit’s efficiency can drop as much as 5% every year. Change your air filters regularly. During the summer months, it is best to change filters every month or so. Consider installing a new, programmable thermostat. Keep your blinds and windows closed against the heat of the sun, and refrain from using the oven or stove during the hottest parts of the day. This will help your air conditioner run more efficiently.

  • Essential Tips for Choosing a Furnace

    furnace, frisco heating, frisco cooling, new furnace dallas If your furnace doesn’t work as well as it should or you feel as though you are spending too much money every month on your energy bills, you should consider buying a new furnace for your home. A heating and cooling company can show you a large number of furnaces, but you should be prepared to pick out the one that fits your needs best. Check out the features you should consider before you add a new furnace to your heating near Frisco .

    Your new furnace should be efficient.

    Many older furnaces aren’t anywhere near as efficient as the newer furnaces that are on the market today. Every furnace has an efficiency rating that is based on how well it can take energy and turn it into heat. You should look for a furnace that has a higher efficiency rating so that your HVAC system will heat your home without costing you a fortune.

    Your new furnace should be large enough to heat your entire home.

    While your furnace efficiency is important, it’s equally important for you to choose a furnace that is large enough to heat your home but not bigger than you need. If your furnace isn’t large enough, it will likely have trouble heating your home. If it’s too large, it will likely wear out more quickly and force you to buy another new furnace in the near future. Find one that’s just the right size.

    Your new furnace should fit into your budget.

    Some heating and cooling companies will try and sell you an expensive furnace that you don’t necessarily need. Be wary of these kinds of companies, and resist the urge to purchase a furnace that is going to break the bank. You will be able to find a furnace you love in your price range.

    Your new furnace should be installed by a company that you trust.

    When you have a new furnace installed, have it done by a heating and cooling company with an excellent reputation. It should guarantee that your furnace is installed properly.

  • Getting to Know Air Masters

    You need a company that you can trust to take care of all of your heating and air conditioning needs. Air Masters can help you maintain your HVAC system near Frisco and provide you with heating and air conditioning repairs and replacement.

    When you call Air Masters for assistance, we will send an EPA and NATE-certified technician to your home to take a look at your HVAC system for you. We are constantly training our employees so that they are always up to date on the latest heating and air conditioning units. Whether you need your gas furnace serviced or you want to add Puron refrigerant to your air conditioner, we can get the job done. We take pride in our fast, friendly service, and we would love to come to your home today to show you what we can do. By working with Air Masters, you will keep your HVAC system running properly and fix any problems with it as quickly as possible.