The Benefits of Upgrading to a New Air Conditioner

There are many reasons to upgrade your air conditioning near Frisco , such as lower energy bills and better cooling capacity. A new air conditioner is likelier to need fewer repairs in the first few years, and it will keep the entire house much more comfortable year-round.

Greater Air Flow and Temperature

After a new air conditioning installation, you will be surprised to find just how cool your home can be. Over the years, homeowners learn to live with the air flow and temperature that comes out of their existing unit. They do not notice minute changes as the system gets older and slowly loses its efficiency. With a new air conditioner, homeowners can experience a cool house once again. A new unit will run better and more quietly than a unit that is even five years old.

Lower Energy Bills

Many homeowners will update their air conditioners, because it can equal lower energy bills. New AC units have the latest in cooling technology, and they receive higher energy ratings from the United States Department of Energy. These higher energy ratings equal better output of cool air and less work for the unit. The less your air conditioner unit has to work, then the lower your energy bills will be. Units with higher efficiency—meaning they can better cool a house with less energy—are better for the environment and the homeowner’s wallet.

Properly-Sized Unit

As your air conditioner ages, and your house grows, the ability of the unit to cool the entire space will drastically decrease. If you build add-ons or insulate areas of your home for living spaces, you need to upgrade your air conditioner to the correct size that can accommodate that extra living space. Air conditioners come in various sizes that reflect the amount of space they can cool. Determine the amount of livable space you wish to cool, and ask your AC installer for properly-sized recommendations.

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