Signs that You Need Air Conditioner Maintenance

air temperature frisco, air condition frisco, AC company frisco, AC repair frisco Your air conditioner should be receiving routine maintenance and cleaning at least once a year. This keeps the unit in good shape to perform for you year-round. If you have not had a professional out to maintain your air conditioner near Frisco, then you may notice some of these signs :

Odd Noises

There are various noises you do not want to hear coming from your air conditioner unit. Squealing, screeching, rattling, and banging are all signs that you may need AC repairs and maintenance. Some of these noises, such as the squealing, may be a sign of a bad belt or unlubricated part in the system. Other noises may indicate there is a problem with the motor, and a qualified HVAC technician should inspect the unit.

Decreased Air Flow

If you are experiencing decreased air flow, then you probably need routine maintenance, such as changing the air filters. However, there might be a problem with the blower fan or ice forming on the cooling coil. Change your air filters once a month or every few months depending on how often the air conditioner is used. If the air flow continues to decrease, call for professional maintenance.

Warmer Air Temperature

When you are experiencing warmer air coming through your vents, then you may have a problem with your outside unit. There might be a clog in or around the unit; this can be solved with a professional cleaning. Other reasons for warm air are: Broken ducts, insufficient power to the unit, or low refrigerant.

Developing Ice on the Unit

Water coming from outside the unit is normal condensation. If you notice water inside the unit, probably on the drip pan, then you may have ice forming inside the unit. This may mean your unit has a refrigerant leak. Any type of leak in your AC unit should be repaired immediately to prevent further damages to the entire system.

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